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Waste Incinerators - ideal for Animal, General and Medical Incinerators

Animal Incinerators

Animal Incineration

Fully DEFRA Approved range of units. Incinerate animal by-products, animal waste and fallen livestock. Generate hot water from your waste.

Municipal Incineration

General Incineration

Incineration of general waste is now more attractive than ever. With landfill costs continuing to spiral. Inciner8 can offer a profitable approach through incineration.

Medical Incineration

Medical Incineration

All our incinerators can process category 2/4 medical waste. Clinical waste must be disposed of according to strict guidelines. We can tailor a solution to your needs.

Incinerator Specialists

Inciner8 has numerous awards for the export of our incinerators around the globe. This site is specifically for UK customers. We offer a full range of DEFRA and CE certified incinerators for use in a wide range of uses. Our animal incinerators are used in poultry farms, pig farms, abbatoirs, rendering plants, pet crematoriums, catteries and dog kennels.

Generate Electricity, Hot Water and Hot Air for FREE!

All our incinerators can be fitted with a range of accessories to re-use the heat produced through incinerating your waste. Call one of our helpful team to arrange a demonstration.